A.PART Festival 2023 … macht Radau.

The A.PART Festival is happening again!!

Over the first two weekends of May 2023, we invite you, dear audience, to ada Studio Berlin to experience what moves Berlin’s youngest generation of choreographers.

Like every year, the 2023 A.PART Festival brings together diverse perspectives on choreography and dance by alumni and students from Berlin’s dance education programs.

This year alumni and students from Tanzakademie balance 1, ETAGE – Schule der Darstellenden Künste Berlin, The Berlin Dance Institute, Motion’s Studio, DART Programme Berlin, The Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin and the Tanzfabrik’s Dance Intensive Programme are all taking part.

Taking you to the heart of the art of contemporary dance over two programs running between May 5 to 14, A.PART welcomes you and presents: Joanina Suchomel and Andreina Eymann, Libertad Esmeralda Iocco, Katherine Rojas Contreras and Pimon Lekler, Giulia Lampugnani, Samira Aakcha and Constantin Carstens, Maia Joseph, Cikacé Lestine, Marta Marja Ruszkowska, Hana Stojaković, Mateo Argerich, Jessica Ikonen and Nastasja Berezin, Aminata Reuß, Sointu Pere and Oli Fierz, Kristen Rulifson, and Mei Bao.

These artists explore the power of music, how to revolutionize the love song, and the boundaries of everyday life. They question what it means to be strong and powerful and reflect on death and dying from the perspective of a clown. They negotiate facets of care, embark on a quest for pleasure, and explore the voice and its discomforts. They open their mouths and take the floor, channeling the medieval boy band ‘Jean Djender and the Foolz’. They invite you to get out and sing about the experience of German bureaucracy and the “Ausländerbehörde”… and simply dance.

It will be colorful, it will be loud, and it will be fun! After each Friday performance, we will also have a little surprise for you.

So mark the following dates in your calendar:

MAY 5 + 6 + 7, 2023 @ 7PM @ ada Studio Berlin
Videostream on ada-studio.de from May 9th 2023, 10 am, until May 12th, 2023, 23.59 pm.
– Mateo Argerich: Bitte Aussteigen – das Musical
– Sointu Pere & Oli Fierz: shaping pleasure
– Aminata Reuß: Ami in the box
– Joanina Suchomel & Andreina Eymann: be alright
– Samira Aakcha & Constantin Carstens & Giulia Lampugnani: From the narrator’s chair

May 12 + 13 + 14, 2023 @ 7PM @ ada Studio Berlin
Videostream on ada-studio.de from May 16th 2023, 10 am, until May 19th, 2023, 23.59 pm.
– Kristen Rulifson & Mei Bao: No Such Virtue
– Katherine Rojas Contreras & Libertad Esmeralda Iocco & Pimon Lekler: The afternoon of an infinite day (duet version)
– Maia Joseph: The Other
– Jessica Ikonen & Nastasja Berezin: spectrum
– Cikacé Lestine & Marta Marja Ruszkowska & Hana Stojaković: Jean Djender & The Foolz

…reserve your tickets through ticket@ada-studio.de

In joyful anticipation,
your curatorial team Julek Kreutzer & Diethild Meier
and Gabi Beier, artistic director and managing director of ada Studio Berlin