Tzuhsiang Chang

With this work, I’m exploring self-identification and self-hypnosis.
The ideas stem from life experiences related to myself and my parents.
I started to search for answers regarding my insomnia and developed emotional choreographic images built from chippy memories.
I want to question whether assimilation works on different personalities or if it just brings people to eternal darkness.
Could I consider myself as a cormorant?

Tzuhsiang Chang started his professional dance education at the age of 13. He joined the Taipei Royal Ballet and majored in Chinese classical dance under Prof Peiqi Sheng at HKAPA. He moved to Germany to study modern dance at Folkwang University in Essen and is currently studying at the Berlin Dance Institute.

How extreme have you ever try….

to connect your emotions physically .

during my improvisation

I always like to seeing myself in/on the mirror

why ? because I see that he is be with me

Connect to my solo , I talking to myself

I can hear that but you .



Wer überall wohnt , der wohnt nirgends

on his last legs

how to control your emotions during a difficult dhsawnichos

how to understand that time is fleeting

we will meet in our dream ,



hope this improvisation can brings you to the way that I expected you to see


10:00pm quarantine

days 20

The only person

Imaginary friend
from imagination of the wonderland

her eyes are the stars over your window
gazing affectionately at you every night , every night .
Until ,,,,

Pic : from my cats trying to hide themselves every single night

If you can see me


Michael Kvium ‘Alien Aftermath’

Once I asked him
have you ever forgive … ?
No , I’ve just forgotten


Voice : Wong Kar-wai & Cheung Man-yuk
Circus Europa 2017. Michael kvium