The blob talks,sings and moves

The Blob Club mix

I am a blob. I am a cloud. I am a lump. What are they fictional characters I inhabit? How can I enter a fictional body that can dance in another way.  I can move like tall person, I can move as dog, I can feel like tank of liquid. I can dance as a blob. A blob is a kind of entity that has no shape. It has no specific knowledge but at the same time it can absorb anything. An object that never strives towards a definite form. The blob allows me to reach an energetic and sensing state where anything can happen.

The dance takes over and I start to think of the dance as something outside of myself. This way of thinking allows me to be with the dance, toaccompany and witness it. It co-exists outside of myself and inside myself. I stand on the threshold. 

I am tapping in while zoning out

I am trying to enter the in-between, The Void.

I want to relax in the void, careful and curious

I never really want to get it

I am witness, I am witness to my own movement

The object is a witness to my movements

The movement quietly observes me as I go 

I quietly observe the movement as I go 

Together we forget what we observed and just go.

We laugh, we stop, we look, we listen, it goes away, I go somewhere and it comes back when I go around the corner. We talk, we go again. I befriend the dance. Withholding is beautiful.

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Silja Tuovinen
11 months ago

2020 summer hit !!

Tzuhsiang Chang
11 months ago

Thank you for the wonderful thought and video that you have share
Especially [ I am witness, I am witness to my own movement ] it does really touching

Hope that possible to see more of your work