Artists 2021



hi from quarantine



a foot, an arm – hair that draws muddy lines over my skin – the wall infront of my nose – shadows reflect my creatures – the wall next to my eye – my back breaks


my neck my horizon – it´s shrinking – skin that wrinkles


the void lays within



of my



moments of silence I find at night – silence lays within the things – ich habe ein Mooshaar auseinander gepult, da lag Stille – in-between the grün-braun intertwined hairs of moss lays the void – looking for void – my flesh softens and melts

about my first stage

my first stage was somewhere between my living room, a scene from ‘Prince of Egypt’ and a full theater, fully realized only in my head and movement

i could only describe it as an extensive production of imagination, with characters constructed and intertwined by the logic of unconstricted creativity of a child

scenes vary from a gentle dance among the reed driven by something lost in the stream to a duet with a ninja turtle with Brahms’ melody accompanies the scenery

i long to feel like that now. absolute freedom of creation without boundaries of space and time and reason.

i invite you to play this while you fabricate the memory

I’d appreciate it if you didn’t look at my butt.


forget everything

start re-living

make mistakes



meet new people

get hurt

try again

fall in love


let’s play.

My answer

there are times when i feel so anxious and sensorially overwhelmed in the city

that my body gets completely depleted of energy and shuts down and all

i can do

is lie under soft and feathery blankets

in dim light

listening to meditative music

trying to create a cozy and safe bubble around me




my eyes




so that the waves

can get smaller and


inside my


image description: 1. a self-portrait photograph where i am lying in bed, my hand wrapped around half of my face, only my left eye is visible. it is open. my head is resting on a dark blue as well as a black pillow, and my body is wrapped in a grey fleece blanket up to my nose. 2. a close-up of a pale purple, pink and yellow wildflowers bouquet

Organizing principle n.2

stay close stay away


Wir schaffen das


Wenn jetzt hier mein Tanz ist

Jetzt und Immer

Wenn ich jetzt liebe ich sage dir dich

Ich war stumm als ich dahin schwamm

Mein Schweiß

Ich atme

Ich muss rennen. Ich muss noch warten, oder?

Wieviel gebe ich mache ich werde ich

Wieviel lasse ich