Artists 2021

starting a show now

let’s reverse and start again

I’m sorry

identity crisis

these numbers mean nothing until you find out that it’s the digital version of my face

where am i in this mess

am i supposed to embrace this as a part of myself

Nose Pressure


Photographer: Julie Savery

A StAgE ?

We met virtually. Building a stage. Both using what was there. Does it make sense? Do you have fun? Why is it a stage? Are you bored ? Why is it not a stage? What do you remember from it when it has left? Do you smell your own footprints?

(by Matilde Flor Usinger and Zoë Lazos)

Questions I recently asked myself

Are all fears connected to the desire to be loved?




How does a fearless week look like?





What is the difference between fear and insecurity?