Artists 2021


Wir schaffen das


Wenn jetzt hier mein Tanz ist

Jetzt und Immer

Wenn ich jetzt liebe ich sage dir dich

Ich war stumm als ich dahin schwamm

Mein Schweiß

Ich atme

Ich muss rennen. Ich muss noch warten, oder?

Wieviel gebe ich mache ich werde ich

Wieviel lasse ich


at home
in my not existing bathroom
in your eyes
on your lips
in every word I say
in the studio
I want it to be

Organizing principle n.1

my favorite velvet shirt

which was with me when I danced and cried, back home and here

it has a hole and a  cut off collar

today it sent me a message

that nothing is random

my closet is a stage, my bookshelf as well


i am confused.


i went to the studio and cried. alone. for myself and the world. the world is better now.
me too.

Snaily days

With closed eyes I start.
I focus on the sensation of my movements.
They feel thick and slow today.
With every movement I leave a heavy almost slimy trance in the space.

They seem to be reaching.
Wanting to pull myself further into space.
Wanting to keep myself going.
While walking back I see the traces I left behind.

To start again.
This time, taking it higher up, it starts to feel lighter, more like a summer breeze.
Carried by this breeze I can connect to the space.
Adding to it whatever it needs.
I feel myself opening.

Then I close again.
Today is not the day. Today is snail day.

Guckkasten / Blackbox

my ______ is a creature

ich habe da drüben eine Pflanze gesehen, flauschige Krone, grüner Apfel

(still with Maite)