Artists 2021

Dehumanizing into an unknown bodylandscape

Improvisation 13th of March 2021

We decide

Hey Zoë,

I dont have the answer, but i can tell you that being is more than doing.

an attempt – touching

Actually, I would like to share something.

I´ve been thinking a lot about moss lately.



Covering my skin with moss.

Feeling moss´s tickling fingers on my bones.

Being surrounded by moss´s green light.

Opening my eyes in moss´s void.

Hearing moss´s murmur.

Reaching out.

Keeping still.




Still looking for moss – – – – – – – – – –

Kosmischer Läufer.mp3

intermission of 141120

landscape of the park
was alive today
it moved and it was breathing
and i, in that moment
was alive today
i was there and
i was then
walking in the unknown
nothing to search for,
no one to chase
letting yourself to be taken &
walking in the unknown
but there is…there is
only a wish for you to
be there
i wish i could give you these
colors, this grainy air
and crunchy leaves
a smile in silence
a gaze in stillness
a shower in pink sunset
a walk into the unknown


duet with reversed self

disclaimer: infinite circling may lead to multiplying oneself



Matilde, hey

I was thinking of what is there.

I came to the conclusion:

Thinking about it erases what is there.

I realized:

I just erased a whole bunch of things

Out of my head

That were there.

That are there?


Maybe they are still there

And I just have to look for them more thoroughly?

What do you think?


We just blended a picture of your face

Into a picture of my face.

Now I feel like my cheek is actually touching your nose.

It feels funny.

An attempt at touching skin during so called physical distancing.


Let´s have a talk very soon, ja?

Sending you a hand full of moss.

xx, Zoë

neighborfriendly dance research established in march 2020

Side note: Artistic research isn’t finished within one minute



wonderful music: Elcric (Instrumental) by Riddle


une pensée parcourt ma tête:

how do I make a piece about something, which is so important to me, it hurts doing nothing about it. but what if doing something would be the wrong thing ..
so better doing nothing in order to wait for the day, I’ll do the right thing?
when will it be the right thing?


this is a video of one folder i have under the name “basement sessions”

i used to live in a hause project which had a basement

where you could dance or do whatever you like

most of the times i found myself there alone

playing my favourite songs

fighting with anxiety, feelings, negative thoughts

the only premise of those sessions were: get your monsters out –


it is a raw video – without editing – hope you enjoy till the end