Audio : Dastaan by Tajdar Junaid

text from the film Killa

in house mentor : Dorota Michalak

Continuing the dialog of this video, please feel invited to share a thought(s)/dream relating to your mother 🙂

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8 months ago

Dear Suna,
I received an email from my mother this morning. She’s telling me that she listened to a radio feature yesterday that made her think of my blogpost: The feature is about the musician David Rothenberg who plays the clarinet together with the songs of nightingales in Berlin parks. This year, he played a ‘transatlantic duet’ in New York with a nightingale in Treptower Park (via Zoom, I wonder? ;D). It’s nice to feel my mother engaging with the blog. It’s her way of saying: “Hey, I’m trying to understand what you are doing there. I want to relate to it.” She also tried to post a comment herself, but didn’t manage. And she is asking how she can buy a community ticket if she doesn’t have PayPal. I feel her close, these days and weeks, and I’m dreaming about her.

8 months ago

Thank you for this video Suna. It made me quite sentimental, missing my mum. It was her birthday a few weeks ago and I couldn’t go see her. We played an online game that night where someone has to draw and the other person guesses what. It is bitter sweet how the situation creates completely different social interactions.

Aabshaar Wakhloo
8 months ago

Dear Suna,
Your Lullaby made me think of the mother we are to ourselves once we are no longer under the shade our mothers. We live the child and the mother and sing the lullaby to ourselves, not to lull the child in us, to strengthen the mother and preserve the child.
This was touching as you…