iltasatu – a bedtime story

During the festival I have researched movement as survival, or movement as perseverance of being. This research process will not end here as I have understood how it is the essential core of my artistic thinking. The blog format of the festival has enabled my focus to shift strictly into development of practice instead of a development of a specific final piece. Sometimes, you might be offered just what you need.

This research has of course not happened in a vacuum, especially because the current global situation has required a fabrication and figuring through complex, difficult times for all of us. Of course I still feel it’s required to say, that my experience has been an extremely privileged and safe one. I have been conscious not to take too lightly the fact that suddenly, a global crisis opens up “a perfect” avenue for my artistic research. I have been home, physically safe and secure, creating, while many are facing existential struggles. This is not something to overlook or forget. At times lonely, creative work felt even narcissistic. There were days when I did not want to have anything to do with creativity. These feelings however, strengthened my understanding of how I would eventually like to broaden my individual process to a social one.

This already accidentally happened to an extent. During the past few months, I have started to spontaneously send my friends improvised bedtime stories through voice messages. This moment right before going to bed can be a distressing one during difficult times and I felt something comforting needs to be added to that moment. These bedtime stories surprisingly added a new layer to my practice as well and I have framed my “final video” accordingly.

I guess the wonder of a creative process is exactly the mystery of it. I am quite surprised by what came out of me. It is very different than what I imagined it would be. I am very thankful for having been a part of the festival. I am also thankful for having been able to witness the process of all the other artists from such a close, yet long, distance.

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Daria D
9 months ago

Thank you. Within the deepest corners of my heart – I felt.

Nina Huovinen
9 months ago

Wow. Absolutely beautiful, bringing a sense of hopefulness in these difficult times.

9 months ago

so beautiful and moving Silja 🙂

9 months ago

Love the background !

9 months ago

Really beautiful, Silja! I read a short story today that reminded me of what I know about your research/topic. It even mentions “sisu”. An interesting take on perseverance through generations. It’s called “The Sleep” by Caitlin Horrocks. I don’t know if you can find it online, but let me know if not and I could send it to you 🙂

Noora Elisabet
9 months ago

I miss bedtime stories, I wonder why we stop that habit when we grow up. Sharing at that time, right before going to bed, feels intimate. Is it because we need to trust that the iltasatu will leave us feeling good, that it calms us? Your piece did, I loved it. Thank you!

Jussi Ulkuniemi
9 months ago