author: Asya Ashman

About Asya Ashman

Asya Ashman is a dance artist. After graduating with BA in Fine Arts, she realized that she never loved anything more than dance. She subsequently found herself in the performance and dance intensive course Sota@Garage in Moscow. After finishing the course, she became a member of the performative collective 2nd edition, which existed for 1,5 years. Since then, she works with the body, dance, and its interaction with visual culture and social processes. She creates projects in collaboration with media artists, fashion designers, directors, and composers. In 2018, she was a fellow of the program DanceWeb of ImpulsTanz Festival in Vienna. Since 2015 she works with kids and teenagers, holding workshops and laboratories and experimenting together. She currently studies in the BA program in HZT Berlin.

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I’m sorry

No structures today, just beasts










and other fantastic beasts of relationships

Organizing principle n.3

Hiding, attracting and dissapearing

Rite of spring

Organizing principle n.2

stay close stay away

Organizing principle n.1

my favorite velvet shirt

which was with me when I danced and cried, back home and here

it has a hole and a  cut off collar

today it sent me a message

that nothing is random

my closet is a stage, my bookshelf as well