author: Tzuhsiang Chang

How extreme have you ever try….

to connect your emotions physically .

during my improvisation

I always like to seeing myself in/on the mirror

why ? because I see that he is be with me

Connect to my solo , I talking to myself

I can hear that but you .



Wer überall wohnt , der wohnt nirgends

on his last legs

how to control your emotions during a difficult dhsawnichos

how to understand that time is fleeting

we will meet in our dream ,



hope this improvisation can brings you to the way that I expected you to see


10:00pm quarantine

days 20

The only person

Imaginary friend
from imagination of the wonderland

her eyes are the stars over your window
gazing affectionately at you every night , every night .
Until ,,,,

Pic : from my cats trying to hide themselves every single night

If you can see me


Michael Kvium ‘Alien Aftermath’

Once I asked him
have you ever forgive … ?
No , I’ve just forgotten


Voice : Wong Kar-wai & Cheung Man-yuk
Circus Europa 2017. Michael kvium