author: Franziska Doffin


About Franziska Doffin

Franziska Doffin has studied dance in Tanzfabrik Berlin, University of Malta and in Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. During her studies she has among others created the etude Kocka, that was performed several times in Budapest as well as in Moscow, 2018. In 2019 she was artist-in-residence in Lake Studios Berlin to work on her solo piece Chicken&Egg, that she is also performing recently. She experienced working with choreographers such as Willi Dorner, Adrienn Hód, Eleonore Valere Lachky, Tijen Lawton, Marco Torrice, and Kadir Memis. She has worked as an assistant with Grupo Oito, and toured with Lina Saneh and Rabi Mroue as a technical assistant for Biokhrafia in 2014/15. Before diving into dance she was involved with drawing and installation.

Wenn jetzt hier mein Tanz ist

Jetzt und Immer

Wenn ich jetzt liebe ich sage dir dich

Ich war stumm als ich dahin schwamm

Mein Schweiß

Ich atme

Ich muss rennen. Ich muss noch warten, oder?

Wieviel gebe ich mache ich werde ich

Wieviel lasse ich


Guckkasten / Blackbox

I hear an echo of our festival meeting. Julek´s story:

...the question of the day...and then I FILL myself doing...
...the question of the day...and then I FILM myself doing...

i am flipping here and here between 
filling and filming.
((sensing this here))

when there I am


Sich zum Rumhängen verpflichten 
Verwegen zurücklehnen etwas 
Fragmentierte Hoffnungen aufwärts und 
raus in die offene Landschaft 
Wie die Kruste eines Puddings von innen aufbrechen raus 
aus dem Pudding 
Was finden im Wo 


Hanging around duty 
Lean wildly somewhat 
Fragmented hopes upwards and 
Out to the open landscape 
Like cracking the crust of a pudding from inwards out 
Of the pudding 
Finding what in the where