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Zoë Lazos

About Zoë Lazos

Zoë Irini Lazos is a student of contemporary dance department at DIE ETAGE in Berlin. She previously attended the Dance Intensive Program of Tanzfabrik in 2018. During this time, she found her passion for different contemporary dance techniques - confronting the range of the body and mind, playing with movement and expanding the horizon without limits. Working under the current circumstances she was challenged with limitations concerning space. However, the situation has also expanded her artistic process as a developing dancer and artist and provoked her to play with new artistic practices, such as writing, drawing and film.



hi from quarantine



a foot, an arm – hair that draws muddy lines over my skin – the wall infront of my nose – shadows reflect my creatures – the wall next to my eye – my back breaks


my neck my horizon – it´s shrinking – skin that wrinkles


the void lays within



of my



moments of silence I find at night – silence lays within the things – ich habe ein Mooshaar auseinander gepult, da lag Stille – in-between the grün-braun intertwined hairs of moss lays the void – looking for void – my flesh softens and melts

my ______ is a creature

ich habe da drüben eine Pflanze gesehen, flauschige Krone, grüner Apfel

(still with Maite)

(Pictures taken by my friend Maite Kremke while I was laying in the marshes)

an attempt – touching

Actually, I would like to share something.

I´ve been thinking a lot about moss lately.



Covering my skin with moss.

Feeling moss´s tickling fingers on my bones.

Being surrounded by moss´s green light.

Opening my eyes in moss´s void.

Hearing moss´s murmur.

Reaching out.

Keeping still.




Still looking for moss – – – – – – – – – –



Matilde, hey

I was thinking of what is there.

I came to the conclusion:

Thinking about it erases what is there.

I realized:

I just erased a whole bunch of things

Out of my head

That were there.

That are there?


Maybe they are still there

And I just have to look for them more thoroughly?

What do you think?


We just blended a picture of your face

Into a picture of my face.

Now I feel like my cheek is actually touching your nose.

It feels funny.

An attempt at touching skin during so called physical distancing.


Let´s have a talk very soon, ja?

Sending you a hand full of moss.

xx, Zoë


We want to start our blog with creating a virtual image of the two characters that is going to unfold on this blog. Someone is making it, someone is reading it. We will never know the reality, because we are all behind a screen.


We decided to take the virtual space as a safe space to be personal but not to be private, with using narrative storytelling.  Go into the uncertainty of never really knowing what’s real, what’s imagination and what our rules could be.


Through this concept, we allow ourselves to meet a stranger, without any guilt or judgement.















(by Matilde Flor Usinger)















(by Zoë Irini Lazos)