author: Tatjana Mahlke

About Tatjana Mahlke

Tatjana Mahlke is a freelance dancer, teacher and choreographer from Berlin. She graduated from the Höhere Fachschule für Zeitgenössischen und Urbanen Bühnentanz in Zurich in 2019. Her first choreographic works integrate community-building dances, such as hip hop, house or breaking, into a contemporary stage context. In spring 2020, together with Mirjam Jamuna Zweifel, she founded the international research project Zookunft - an urban labour futurism, from which the collective Zookunft.Project was recently formed. The project, as well as the collective, seeks the exchange of diverse dance practices with other disciplines and will occupy a former bus depot in Winterthur (Switzerland) for two weeks in the summer of 2021 with dance, visual arts, music and science as part of an interdisciplinary long-term installation.

a gaze of sunday evening

sometimes I forget the importance of repetition. The importance to repeat a movement in order to fully understand it in my body..
I used to not be able to do this movement in an audition two years ago. I still feel like I didn’t understand it a 100%… but with every repetition I get closer. So the repetition is not just a boring „doing the same thing over and over“ ..It is more the renewed discovery, the constant change of perspective on a supposedly well-known phenomenon. 

at home
in my not existing bathroom
in your eyes
on your lips
in every word I say
in the studio
I want it to be

Eine Halle

ich will springen, schreien, tanzen
mich fallen lassen
auf eine ganz ganz weiche matte
fett Musik hören
meinem Nachbarn auf dem kopf herumtanzen
eine riesige halle
nur für mich
du darfst auch dazukommen
eine riesige halle

healthy egoism vs ignorant egoism

neighborfriendly dance research established in march 2020

Side note: Artistic research isn’t finished within one minute



wonderful music: Elcric (Instrumental) by Riddle


une pensée parcourt ma tête:

how do I make a piece about something, which is so important to me, it hurts doing nothing about it. but what if doing something would be the wrong thing ..
so better doing nothing in order to wait for the day, I’ll do the right thing?
when will it be the right thing?