author: Roxane Monfort

What appears to disappear

It’s curious to realize how our topic fits the current situation.

We choose, many months ago, to work about the human capacity of adaptability.

The theory became practical and now we don’t have the choice to apply what had in mind.

This blog is a perfect example of this adaptability. We are truly grateful to be a part of this journey.

We would like to thank again the whole A.Part team for their involvement, creativity, support and kindness.




And now , we would like to invite you to share you thoughts and feelings about this 🙂

Fluttering in the wind.


Music : Hania Rani – Warszawa

I'm behind the camera.

Observing her dance, 
With my amateur hands
And my sharp, sensitive gaze.

The first word that comes to mind while watching this video is « douceur ».
It means softness in French. 
I deliberately chose not to translate this word directly because I find that there is an even sweeter connotation when you say it out loud.

I don’t really know how to formulate what I feel but there is something strong and delicate at the same time in her dance.

She expresses a lot.

Maybe it’s because I know Joya, but when I watch this sequence I can feel through her way of moving all the sensibility she’s got.

How do we catch up before it falls apart ?

                    Falling in    _

                                                             Falling out    _

Looking for balance and trying to trust the process.


Back in the days, we could still touch each other.

Photo Credit : Pheline Acil                 







Today, I feel strongly affected by the lack of physical contact.
My behavior, my thoughts, indeed, all my way of being happens to be challenged.


I realize even more how much I need proximity and touch.

When two bodies meet each other, there is a connection, a communication between them.


But there is something deeper.
If I would be cheesy, I would talk about the soul.
Maybe it’s not cheesy.


I can dare to think that a physical contact, even the simplest one,
Can connect two souls.





Something really intimate that is happening through touch.


Today, I am grateful to be aware of this.
I miss this feeling of another body – its warmness, weight, volumes, textures, qualities and feedback- in contact with my body and my soul.

Kate Tempest – Breaks

So here is our moment, frozen
We’ve seen our seven unmoving
In their lonely homes
It’s been 4: 18 and dawn’s still hours off yet
My God and they are cold and listless
Not quite sure that they exist
Here in this moment, slow and viscous
Lips haunted by the ghosts of kisses
There is the endless saturation of the days
And here they are
There is nothing moving but their breath
But watch now
As the breaking storm outside brings this moment into action
The sky cracks into a wild-mouthed grin
And unleashes all the water that it’s carried