author: Matilde Flor Usinger

About Matilde Flor Usinger

Matilde Flor Usinger grew up in a circus environment in Copenhagen, Denmark. Having spent many years in the strict discipline of gymnastics, she sought a more expressive range of movement, later leading her to pursue a dance and performance career. She received her basic training in Nya Malmö Latin, and after that, she completed three years of professional dance education at Balance 1 dance school in Berlin. She has a number of varied performances under her belt, including group performances in Berlin’s Sophiensaele and Uferstudios, a solo performance in ada Studio Berlin, and various site-specific interdisciplinary performances. In 2019 she co-founded the performance group Collectif Blitz Bereit with whom she creates and exhibits instant composition and improvised performances. Her journey into the exploration of movement and performance continues while she develops her performative collaboration with Analogdream. During A.PART, she wants to create visions and scenarios of how the world could look if humanity were to change its relationship to the natural world: the much-needed move from the anthro- to the symbio-cene.


Photographer: Julie Savery

To reimagine the way things could be.




Wir schaffen das


We decide

Hey Zoë,

I dont have the answer, but i can tell you that being is more than doing.