author: Milena Sundari Nowak

About Milena Sundari Nowak

Milena Sundari Nowak currently works as a freelance dancer and choreographer in Berlin. She graduated as a contemporary dancer from Etage (Berlin) in September 2020. Meanwhile, she choreographed the piece PPPressure together with Tatjana Mahlke, which premiered shortly afterwards. She took workshops with dancers from the circle of Barak Marshall, Sharon Eyal and Ohad Naharin and gained versatile stage experience worldwide, for example in prisons in Namibia in 2017 or at the Volksbühne, Berlin in 2019. She performed in public places such as the Mall of Berlin or Katutura (suburb of Windhoek, Namibia). Her artistic interests deal with socially relevant issues such as the pressures of society, the contrast between the analogue and the digital “I” (especially now that digital life is becoming more and more important) as well as the everyday interaction of people. She sees body language as the unconscious starting point of every human action

starting a show now

let’s reverse and start again

Stuck with that question.

When I go back in time, do I know everything that
I know now? Do I get back things and people that I lost?

Will I meet new people or the same as before?
What will change?

When I think of this I get overwhelmed. Then I sit back
and get lost in memories.

I’d appreciate it if you didn’t look at my butt.


forget everything

start re-living

make mistakes



meet new people

get hurt

try again

fall in love


let’s play.

My answer


i am confused.


i went to the studio and cried. alone. for myself and the world. the world is better now.
me too.