Lointains et justes

As I am learning to move slow, I think again about the notion of poetry, which has for me a profond importance in art. Poetry can be found everywhere, yet, poetry occurs when a unique balance between different elements is found. The variety of elements is endless : words, sounds, visual images, still bodies, moving bodies, natural elements… But it is the way they will meet that has the potentiality of creating a poetic force, a poetic reality.

Pierre Reverdy wrote :
“[The image] cannot be born from a comparison but from a juxtaposition [rapprochement] of two more or less distant realities. The more the relationship between the two juxtaposed realities is distant and just [lointains et justes], the stronger the image will be… An image is not strong because it is brutal or fantastic, but because the association of ideas is distant and just.”

These words strongly echo in me. I am seeking for this poetic force, which is hard to provoke, but can be captured at certain moments when bringing different elements together and playing with their composition.
It’s about not doing too much, and finding the right balance. A delicate and precarious balance. I often experience the moment of spoiling this balance by doing too much. Moving too fast or too much, drawing too fast or too much. Frustration comes along with it. But with patience and attention, satisfaction comes when the balance is met. Enjoying the poetic force that emanates.

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