From home, to home

In the train. Feeling like dancing. I left home twice. Wether going to France or going to Berlin, it’s always “going home”. Simultaneous feelings of leaving home and going home, whichever way my travel goes.

I thought I had had enough of Berlin. But leaving precipitately made me realize, I’m not done yet with this city. I’m coming back and will probably stay a little while more.

Next Friday, my father would have celebrated his 75th birthday with his whole family, and the next day, would have jumped on his bike for a long-planned 8 weeks solo trip through Europe, from Nantes (France) where one of my sisters lives, to Budapest where one of my brothers lives.
For this, is no online alternative possible.

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Silja Tuovinen
3 years ago

Thank you for sharing! These thoughts resonate with me. Leaving home while going home, precious and fragile. I often wonder how one can make the choice to leave Berlin with everything that it offers. How do you leave the city of every possible possibility. Hope you’ve found some calmness being back.