What disappears


Too many effects can make the focus absorbed by them, and we loose the sensations that we are trying to bring out. But finding the edge is interesting. Finding the point “in between”, the point of balance. In between the concrete world and the abstract world. In between the familiar and the unfamiliar. In between a clearly identified object and something that forces the imagination and the sensations to open up, when the brain can’t possibily recognize everything.

In this sense, altering an image can create something new and interesting.
I am wondering, while altering a dance image, what are we still trying to recognize. It shifts the focus which is not anymore on the movements, it creates new shapes, new sensations.

Altering, in a way, is not removing anything, but it is revealing something new to see. Something is revealed to us through what doesn’t appear anymore. Removing something doesn’t make it less visible, but it opens a door to the absence of what has been altered and was then familiar. This absence stimulates the imagination and sensations, through the endless possibilities of what could have been there before.

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