Not speaking about my work?

I realize, I feel resistance about sharing works in-progress, or sharing thoughts about the processes. Although, that’s what is proposed to me which I find absolutely interesting. Since leaving fine art studies and starting dance, I’ve felt that the best way to share my art was by giving it to the viewer with very little explanation or no explanation at all, with no narrative that would guide the viewer into a direction. I believe in most cases art should speak for itself, letting the viewers create their own narratives as they experience an artistic moment, entering it free of all external influence, which allows them to go, in this moment, to any direction they want.

In this context of sharing the course of our research, I might not speak too much about my work, but I may open my thoughts and offer my reflection through this blog format that is proposed to me. That could, indeed, change on the way. I might decide to separate in my posts these reflections from the works or works in progress I’ll post, so who wants to read can read, who wants to watch can just watch. I might delete all texts at the end, but I should as well try and go through this feeling of vulnerability that appears as I am about to share these words.

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