Is this blog giving a view into my piece or a view into me as a person? In the case of the solo, which was created with the theme of “self-portrait,” is there a difference?

I once heard about an art exhibition where the walls were covered in pages from people’s personal journals. Little glimpses into their lives and inner worlds and feelings in a straightforward kind of way. I imagine you wouldn’t have to read too much into the words or spend too much time interpreting. No poetry. Just some things that happened. Some documentation. Maybe it was something important, but maybe not. Possibly inarticulate and with grammar errors. Entirely unfiltered and honest because it was not made self-consciously with an audience in mind. And I imagine that reading them would be like observing people who think they’re alone.

I appreciate the idea that life in itself is art. The little, funny, passing moments as well as the long, complex, painful ones. Just as they are. Without any frame or contextualization or abstraction.

(But I did edit and caption that photo, so I guess it’s a balance between truth and fiction. Perhaps being able to see both sides is what’s most intriguing. To see the facade and what’s underneath. Am I just describing intimacy?)

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Julia Turbahn
3 years ago

Hey Lauren, your post made me think of an art work I really like:
Narrating reality. Rewriting reality. Scripting reality. Reality as an art work itself… We all play theatre….

3 years ago
Reply to  Julia Turbahn

What a great concept! I like it. Even “taking control of your life.” It’s a mental game. A game of perspectives and interpretations.

Simone Gisela Weber
3 years ago

Dear Lauren,

Julia and I would like to invite you to a little experiment. We have been developing a practice of writing each other letters once a week for a long time and have found it an interesting form of self-reflecting within a dialog with a physical absent person.

“Writing letters is actually an intercourse with ghosts, and by no means just the ghost of the addressee but also with one’s own ghost, which secretly evolves inside the letter one is writing.” (Franz Kafka)

We thought this form could be interesting for you as we think your process reflects a lot on telling stories and re-telling identity. A letter could be the possibility to explore that further and to start a dialog with two or more identities.

We will write you an email with an address and invite you to start the letter conversation in case you are interested in trying that out with us.
There are no rules for the content.

3 years ago

Ooh 🙂 I’m curious. Thanks for the invitation