Sleepy Volcanoes

A period of introspection and silence.

This track is a work in progress reflecting my state of mind and vision of the actual period. Slow, with heavy bass grounding you under and spacey atmosphere to keep your mind floating. It is a heavy period of time but we must still walk, dance or run – even more slowly – our way in life.

( The track is a bit low volume compared to other tracks, so turn down the volume when you are done listening to it, not to blow your ears with the next track… :p Rough mix, and no mastering yet… )


The silence is whispering.
My intuition awakes.
Slow down, pause and rise.
Slow motion, evolution,
Empty and reach the abundance.
Unlearn what you’ve learnt.
Quiet and shy clubs, sleepy volcanoes.
A subterranean groove locked in.
Locked in but growing stronger
Locked in but evolving in harmony
Harmony of all the voices together
Together choosing love but not fear.
Soon dancing together again!
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