Fluttering in the wind.

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3 years ago

Great video / dance film! I like it a lot, you manage to give depth to movement and transcribe the power of a choreography, using camera and editing. I feel the choices of spaces and camera angles make a lot of sense in this film. It strikes me (not that it is unusual, but that it’s good not to forget it) how two persons dancing “simple” movements in unisson can be so strong and powerful, and how the choices we make of how to present these movements can influence the result.

On your previous posts, I really liked how you alternatively took the observer’s point of view to watch each other dancing, we can feel a lot of tenderness through it, which is not something to be neglected in the dance world where it can be hard to not comparing ourselves but rather acknowledging the uniqueness and beauty of each person.

Now that I am more on the visitor place, I feel the curiousity to know more about the process, for example seeing rushes of the dance film, snippets of you creating and rehearsing the choreography… I really feel how attractive it is to see what’s behind the scene, what is hard for us creators to expose, as I and many of us might have experienced during these weeks, but what can really nourrish both creators and visitors in sharing thoughts and ideas, engaging in intellectual reflection, from which a lot of new impulses can emerge.

Thank you for sharing your work!