Sophie Geisler

In my solo “mit ohne Worte”, I explore the combination of sign language and dance. The facial expressions and gestures of sign language lead me and make me dance. My solo is the attempt to dance sign language, or to speak dance in sign language. Sign language and dance have a specific thing in common: both are forms of communication. In sign language as well as in dance, it is about conveying something to someone with expressive facial expressions and gestures – and all this without words.
My work is also about the conflict between the current speed of life and the desire to slow down. I incorporate this aspect into my work because I have been thinking a lot about it. I am always in motion, I am always wide awake, I will do everything right, I will be strong, I will be perfect.
– But for whom? I want to be free, take a break, have time for myself, live in the moment –

Sophie Geisler completed her studies in social work at the Catholic University in Paderborn in January 2017. After graduating, she moved to Berlin and worked as a social worker for 1 1⁄2 years. At the age of 23, she decided to give a last chance to her big dream of completing a dance education. She applied to the Tanzakademie balance 1 for a three-year contemporary dance education. Now she is in the second year of her training at Tanzakademie balance 1. After graduating in summer 2021, she would like to be on stage as a contemporary dancer.
Furthermore, she would love to do social, integrative dance projects with different target groups.

behind blue eyes…

whole piece


mehr meer


"how far can I go
from the edge of what I know"

Monolink - new morning

…good question right now…

"and if i go back 
could it ever be the same?"

Monolink - new morning

coast …

"oh the wind
the wind
that blows
could you take me to the coast"

Monolink - new morning

inspiring colors


"boat me on a ship
i would just sail"

Monolink - new morning