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Today would have been our general rehearsal for the A.PART Festival.
And tomorrow and the day after tomorrow we would have had our shows…
Especially my girls were very sad that the live event is cancelled. They are still in Balance 1,and now attending the third year. The other big show that they trained very hard for, and is part of this education is also cancelled…

Last year, this piece „Bonbon“ was my final piece and we had a lot of fun dancing it!
But above all, the process was very exciting. It was a challenge for me to translate and convey this specific quality of movement that comes out of me relatively naturally.
It was truly a journey. I can remember how we started and where we ended up.
There was a huge development for all of us.
We played so much with the quality and tried many different methods and games to get to it.
I remember that I developed the choreography only 2 weeks before the show, which is funny, because only with the precision of this quality I could get inspired and the choreography seemed like an act of providence.
Because of the work that we already did, I could see it very clearly.

Unfortunately this process was not carried out this year. But in my piece it is mainly about this quality because it says a lot in itself. At least that is how I see it.
Because of the current situation, we just didn’t have the possibility to work on it together physically, which is most important for this process.
So it’s hard for me to write about something that didn’t happen like that but takes place in a different way.

What is missing
Nevertheless, I wanted to involve my “puppets” in this process, even if it was not easy, because dancing together is simply missing, the joy of movement itself, the exchange of energy, the giving up and the regaining of the energy, the concentration and focus of being clear and neutral.
But still, I am very happy to show some video material from all of us, dancing at home, wherever that is ..and trying to remember and get into the quality again.
It’s very sweet and funny, that all of us wear something from our last years’ show.
It says that we are still connected and thinking about this piece, on the other hand it shows that
clothing helps us to embody something specific.
Because the piece is about ideals, it was very important to me that the clothes represent a certain image.

And last but not least ,we are greedy to bring the dolls back to life on stage someday

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