my dancing is a dancing cowboy

my dancing is tapioca pearl 

I am dancing cowboy 

my thinking is tapioca 

my thinking is cowboy 

I am dancing a tapioca pearl 

I am thinking about tapioca 

I am dancing with a cowboy 

I am dancing with tapioca 

tapioca is dancing with me 

the cowboy does not want to dance 


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Milla Toppi
3 years ago

Blurb, Blörb, Blorb, Blob… I really couldn’t remember how exactly were those stains of paint with groovy colors called. Later on I realized the word used was probably ‘Blot’, but it was too late. I already had gotten attached to Blörb and it’s siblings, they were all very appealing to me with their sounds. And the images the sounds raised in my mind. There was no return.

Therefore, let me now introduce each one of them. Blörb was my favorite from the start, and my image for it was a very fat, round pigeon. To my surprise, google images disagreed and only gave me a set of quite insignificant photos. And no pigeon. It was rather disappointing. But unexpectedly, when I searched Blorb online, then I could find photos of my fat, round pigeon. How fascinating. I got it completely wrong. I wondered if I got others wrong as well. And I did. Blurb really taught me a lesson on this one. Big time. You see, blurb is actually a proper word with a meaning. I had no slightest idea. I had gone all around with my imagination trying to taste this word, when in fact it already stands for something. Humbled, I finally googled Blob and it appears it was the only one I got right. With it, you can find plenty of slime-related pictures. Now you know.