source of the light, fire inside of us

For the past two weeks, we have been preparing short videos for you. We zoomed together and figuered out a simple setting, so that each of the dancers can do it on her own. Yet, a simple setting done all by one single person during the late evening hours is tough.. as well as the days that I have been trying to figure out how to process the material. 4 dancers each in different country with different camera creates different aesthetics and general outcome. After having a huge headache on Thursday from the whole day of editing I made fire and entered time of contemplation about its connection to our project.

I was thinking about reflection of the light on the wall and how it is connected to our piece, how would a real fire look on the stage, how should audience sit to be able to see it properly and enjoy it, how big it would have to be and how not to focus only on the fire but mostly on its reflection on the performers.. and how it is hardly possible in theatres for security reasons which I find reasonable. My main thought was turning around the idea of how fire is connected to anger, how flame represents passion and how thin is the line between calming warmth and burning skin.

Tomorrow, I will share a poem with you that I wrote after a good while staring at the flames and coles. In the following days, you can look forward to outcomes of our filming, editing, composing and writting sessions. I hope they will make you think and feel.

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Silja Tuovinen
3 years ago

I find this idea about sharing a fire with the audience quite wonderful! Isn’t it suppose to be one of the first settings for story-telling or am I mistaken? Nice to share thiese five seconds of fire with you. I look forward to seeing the videos you’ve created!