Xenia writting about her video shoot experience

The unsaid
the one that is there but cannot be seen
the silenced and wordless
Butstill too able
Full bodied and more powerful than usual
It Is supposed to be heard away than the cells of the oral cavity
Is this enough space for the invisible to be seen?
Is the wordless able to be heard?
It is restless
that’s why it can be moved
Sometimes the unexpected needs to be dissolved in the air
Like a bubble of air in front of your mouth
Just to be dissolved

And there comes the light in the black.
which is directing its own movie
Time and space. between invisibility and visibility
It opens up the space for the presence to be hidden behind
To be left behind
And to let invisibility reclaim its presence
There is the choice of being (un)seen and this is what triggers the pulse
Showing and Disappearing
Displaying and hiding
The tension of this pulse
Back and front
on and off
off and on.

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