Raquel about creative process of lighting design

In this play, we research the anger, the rage, what are the reactions of anger in the body.
Through out the process, one of the topics we developed was the feeling of limitation, to feel
constrained. Until now, the Lighting Design tried to develop two diferent aspects:

The first aspect was to think, in literally directional parameters: Where does the anger comes
from? The lighting design proposal is to bring the light from inside the stage, not from the
audience. Not front light, but back and side light. That way, the performers are lit from the same
point that the anger comes from. From our insides, non visible parts. To have a very clear
spatial separation, color temperature would reinforce the directions. The light coming from the
back would be warm and the side light would be cold. That would be done with the diffuse
general light and also with occasional focus for specific scenes that needed to be isolated from
the rest of the space.

The second aspect was to bring this image of limitation, constraining, strict boundaries. The
focused light showing this “borders” could come from the top or from the side. The sketches
show how this options would lit the bodies of the performers.

Visualization: Raquel Rosildete

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Casja Godée
3 years ago

enjoyed your thoughts on ideas of lightning and this way of drawing lights with dark background, brighter pen.