Joséphine writting about her video shoot experience

The silent scream or the ‘S’ coïncidence.

Tension embracing my whole body.
No breath. Trying to be silent.
Mouth, dry. Jowl, stuck.
Rhythms become a game, but a pain too.
Slow motion; slower or faster than the ‘real’ slow?
A smile arose.
Sarcastik? Sad? Scard? Sexual? Satisfied? Sadomaso? Serial killer…?
The symbolic of the Joker appeared strongly to me.
Rhythms play. How long do you hold something for?
When do you stop? When you are in pain? Can you then stop? If yes, do you really stop?
Do you continue?

Scream of help, Scream of pain, Scream of distress.
Scream of intense pleasure, Scream of joy, Scream of hysteria, Scream of extreme happiness.

What is, at the start, faken can become true and/or real.

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