Lauri writting about her video shoot experience

It was difficult for me to shake off the anger between takes, and I found this process interesting. Trying to calm down the fire, but not to lose it all the way so that I could pick it up again easily. To store it somehow – but where and how?
I had to stay very still, so that I could stay in the spotlight, which felt like it made me push my facial expressions even stronger when I couldn’t use my body as much.
I also felt very vulnerable and thought a lot about threatening as an act. Am I threatening in my anger? Doesn’t one most of all want to be heard when angry?

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3 years ago

The last video you posted and this description reminds me so much of how I felt screaming during those performances we did with you last year. It was honestly very exhausting to bring up anger for a moment and then let it fade without letting it out through a scream. Are the people in these videos actually screaming or just doing the face? So much effort goes into the facial expression, but also tension in the whole body and for me it was also the blind focus on this one intense emotion. I would focus myself on something that I used to be very angry about in my past each time and like Lauri, explains, it’s a process to let it go again. Not wanting to stay in the stuck place. Where does it go? Where should it go? I think anger is healthy when it leads to some kind of transformation. Where does the scream lead? Also, where does it come from?