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behind blue eyes…

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The blob talks,sings and moves

The Blob Club mix

I am a blob. I am a cloud. I am a lump. What are they fictional characters I inhabit? How can I enter a fictional body that can dance in another way.  I can move like tall person, I can move as dog, I can feel like tank of liquid. I can dance as a blob. A blob is a kind of entity that has no shape. It has no specific knowledge but at the same time it can absorb anything. An object that never strives towards a definite form. The blob allows me to reach an energetic and sensing state where anything can happen.

The dance takes over and I start to think of the dance as something outside of myself. This way of thinking allows me to be with the dance, toaccompany and witness it. It co-exists outside of myself and inside myself. I stand on the threshold. 

I am tapping in while zoning out

I am trying to enter the in-between, The Void.

I want to relax in the void, careful and curious

I never really want to get it

I am witness, I am witness to my own movement

The object is a witness to my movements

The movement quietly observes me as I go 

I quietly observe the movement as I go 

Together we forget what we observed and just go.

We laugh, we stop, we look, we listen, it goes away, I go somewhere and it comes back when I go around the corner. We talk, we go again. I befriend the dance. Withholding is beautiful.

whole piece

Rhythm of Hesitation




Vielleicht kann man nur sagen “Die Stille war voller Geschrei.”- Aber niemals: “Das Geschrei war voller Stille”. 
(Hans Saner)


Maybe you can only say “The silence was full of screaming” – but never: “The screaming was full of silence”. 
(Hans Saner)

Together with Bettina and Nikola we researched on the rhythm of hesitation.

We were interested to work more intensively with the physical quality and dynamics of hesitation focusing in particular on the element of ‘pre-gesture’: What internal organisation of tension and weight organisation takes place in the body before a decision is made and what visual effect does this process have on the quality of the movement that results from this hesitation? How can this rhythm of hesitation be made tangible?

In this video you can see a try out with contact microphones touching different kind of fabrics in order to create a rhythm which emerges out of little weight shifts and specific movements. In the video you see us getting more familiar with how the structure can work for us experimenting with what movements create which kind of sound and improvising together with the notion of action and reaction creating specific rhythms in the sound and in the movement itself. It is still a rough draft that we expose here and the sound quality is quite poor on the video but still we thought its worth sharing this step in our process.




..when I watch you dance…

when i watch your dance i feel moved. its like you merge with all around and at the same time you move space.

or does space move you?

while filming you, I couldn‘t see the whole picture…in some
moments i felt a bit overwhelmed because there was so much happening. so many details.

for me, it almost looks like the movement are flowing through you. its so natural and clear.

~when i watch you dance i feel moved-


from a film, to a scene, to a story.

“Like pregnancy, being a foreigner, Ashima believes, is something that elicits the same curiosity from strangers, the same combination of pity and respect.”  – Jhumpa Lahiri

Audio credit: Namesake reprise by Nitin Sawhney

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Out of context


film and sound by Joséphine Auffray

“ I look at it. I know I have the power. I am the predator. I know I can devour it any time. But I want to take my time. The best is there: taking my time to enjoy the ‘before’ than the moment itself. But I am weirdly drawn to it. Almost like if I was dependent on it. But didn’t I say I had the power? The power of choosing when is enough or when I want more? It is almost like if this thing was controlling me. I can not take my eyes away from it. It is hypnotizing me, controlling me. But I like it, I enjoy it, I desire it. It seduces me and I seduce it.  We are becoming one.“

Claudia about creative process of stage design

What kind of material can calm down anger, what can increase it? How can material underline or disturb this explosive mood? We have a space full of hanging empty frames that can be interpreted as open doors or closed frontiers, mirrors, swings, friends or enemies. Different shapes of foam and air objects are ready to absorb strong movements without hurting it or oneself. A stuffing machine offers an experimental and productive field to transform anger into masses or objects to interact with.

Visualization: Claudia Gali


Is this blog giving a view into my piece or a view into me as a person? In the case of the solo, which was created with the theme of “self-portrait,” is there a difference?

I once heard about an art exhibition where the walls were covered in pages from people’s personal journals. Little glimpses into their lives and inner worlds and feelings in a straightforward kind of way. I imagine you wouldn’t have to read too much into the words or spend too much time interpreting. No poetry. Just some things that happened. Some documentation. Maybe it was something important, but maybe not. Possibly inarticulate and with grammar errors. Entirely unfiltered and honest because it was not made self-consciously with an audience in mind. And I imagine that reading them would be like observing people who think they’re alone.

I appreciate the idea that life in itself is art. The little, funny, passing moments as well as the long, complex, painful ones. Just as they are. Without any frame or contextualization or abstraction.

(But I did edit and caption that photo, so I guess it’s a balance between truth and fiction. Perhaps being able to see both sides is what’s most intriguing. To see the facade and what’s underneath. Am I just describing intimacy?)