I lie on the side of the body. My head is towards the floor and arms and legs are resting on the top of each other perpendicularly to the torso. I chose the position, because it is not my typical laying on the floor position, especially before I start moving. It is an imitation. I stole it from the lions. 

I observe how the body is placed on the ground and the weight falls to the floor. We share the experience of gravity. 

Outside the skin, inside the skin. Discovering every little detail by scanning through the whole body. Sensing the structure of bones and muscles. Imagining the shapes and tones. 

The weight shifts. We share the experience of weight.

I observe how the surfaces of the body are touching the ground as I move. How the head is connected to the spine. The tailbone expands into space from the bottom of the spine. The head is lighter than what I thought. The eyes can see invisible. 

The whole body moves, moves through positions, not going anywhere. As I move, I scrutinise pauses. 


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