My morning lion

Written by Mikkel Mallow

Meeting the tired cells of my body. My muscles are warm and lazy.  My jaw automatically stretches as my eyes receive the grey light of the day. A salty tear rolls down my cheek. I find my body repeating small rhythmic and swaying movements, nodding the head, turning it from side to side.

I sense a living being. It is still, so I am still. Anticipating its movements. It is not of danger, but interrupts my morning routine. Too tired and lazy to act upon it. Moving on to the space surrounding me. It changes as I move my shoulder blade. The tear in my eye makes it shiny and blurry. My ears are sensing a multiplicity of sounds from near and far. I feel a vibrating sound from my body interfering with the surroundings, enlarging my body and my presence. I am awaking, affected by and affecting space.

Slowly getting control of the body. Sensing the bones slicing surely through space. My eyes searching with curiosity and patience. My face is not yet fully controllable: ears lift themselves, muscles around mouth and eyes tense up automatically as I breathe. I don’t seem to have much influence on my face. Spasms, shakes, yawns and stretches come over me, work through me. Autonomous systems of my body dance for themselves.

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Diethild Meier
3 years ago

Hi Mikkel! It’s nice that you came to be a co-author of this blog, and therefore also of the festival! Welcome!
When I first read the headline of this blog post, I imagined a ‘mourning lion’. Only when I read the text I understood that you must be talking about something else.

Mikkel Mallow
Mikkel Mallow
3 years ago
Reply to  Diethild Meier

Hi Diethild

Thank you for hosting this platform! Appreciating very much to be part of this experimentation with artistic formats and of our habits around creating and presenting work.
It’s so interesting how different people work around this blog in here. Thanks