“Dancing a dance where everybody except you knows the steps” – I heard this before I started to work on the solo. It expresses in an interesting way how I feel about my clumsiness in social situations. It is like I’m taking part in a dance but I’m missing crucial bits of the choreography.

Maybe I have never learned the steps or maybe my counting is just different. Either way, I blunder about and stumble on the floor, then withdraw hurriedly avoiding more damage to make sure that the walls receive appropriate support. I watch everyone glide above the dancefloor in a coordinated combo of social forms and convenances. Locals have learned the steps long time ago, they dont have to plan or think – they trust their well-honed and tested instincts. My instincts are no use here. So, in a very human way, I observe and learn to keep my toes away from danger.

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Lauren Fitzgerald
3 years ago

I am beginning to understand your attraction to pigeons a little better, Milla. It’s a really nice photo.

Also makes me wonder now what your natural instincts are…your different counting when you are with your locals.