Early phases

I’d like to introduce research phases of making the solo. In each of the phases I was trying to approach the topic from a different angle in order to get a more complete understanding and figure out what is my own aim. 

Emotional phase

I dug deeper into my experience with awkwardness and found shame, anxiety and discomfort. It wasn’t easy to handle all that negative energy but I tried to channel it into specific body parts and to figure out how those emotions control my body. 

I made a little video for this phase. I call it my Claustrophobic anxiety moment.

Analytical phase

The time which I spent on rationalising and, honestly, over-analysing the topic. I discussed and wrote a lot; made mind-maps and researched the topic online.

Task-oriented phase

A practical approach. I started to give myself tasks; mostly questions or direct requests. This way I managed to produce material in a straightforward way and get something concrete done. Very handy during those days when feeling tired or stuck or just not inspired.

Improvisation phase

Period when I decided to go all wild with impro. I made super long sessions and filmed everything. Felt like a good idea while having fun in the studio, but I ended up buried under hours of video material to go through and decide what fits and is worth exploring further.

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3 years ago

…but your shower is really, really small!
…and check out my last blogpost “About Gestures and Other Utterances”. It’s presenting a dance and video work about hands by Sophie Arstall: https://apart-festival.blog/team/1932/