Costume choice

In my piece I wanted to give full focus on my gestures and body language and therefore I aimed to minimize my facial expression. The face and the eyes are the first things we tend to look at on another being, and lot of interpretation is based on those. My interest was more in how one can read awkwardness only on body. I tried different ways to neutralize my face expression with no luck finding what I was after. I started to wonder what the effect would be if I managed to erase my face completely. That’s when the idea to use the stockings came to me.


On the left a photo from the solo ‘Pottuja’, taken by Aleksandar Sascha Kuzman.
On the right a sketch from my notebook.

Already earlier I considered to use the stockings somehow since they were one of my self-portrait objects with their own symbolic meaning. Now the stockings seemed to have not only a practical use but also they contributed to the dream-like surreal feel and aesthetics I was after. So eventually different elements came together.

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