Something I almost understand

I am interested in how the “soul” and spirit survives in partnership with the body. How comfort, freedom and meaning are found within the difficult. More so I speculate how such processes become felt in the body, what kind of movement is generated, how the body starts to find positions and compose itself in the space.

In this process I read, think and write a lot. Concepts and stories emerge. Instead of trying to represent or explain them in any final project, I let them sink in and be felt. Then I allow my body to interpret freely. It’s a nice cooperation.

From the more “rational” perspective there is something I feel I almost understand. I write it like this.

Survival or persistence of being is a matter of a continuous self-reflection involving an exhaustive dialogue between self and other, inside and outside. It is an ongoing dialectic in which a person strategizes in order to avoid nullification and to achieve a sense of governing their own fate. However, much of this process comes into being spontaneously, surprising the orbits of despair.

It’s a circle and a line.

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