Sensuousness on camera

Sharing the work on stage in all its sensuousness is my favourite part about dancing and performing. Communicating such sensuousness feels much more difficult on camera. I am making a lot of trials on how to translate a somewhat similar experience through video and its choreography. Here I am sharing one draft and I would love some feedback! What works on camera? What communicates sensuousness? What feels good (maybe even in the body)?

Choreographing/ editing improvised material is a tough process. I feel forced to judge material that arrives through non-judgment, material that is perhaps never meant to be met again after it’s generation. This is a whole new way of meeting myself, but it’s not so bad, and I won’t complain.

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Jeanne Binet
3 years ago

It’s really nice I like it! Yes creating through video and editing is very different than for the stage…
For me there is no receipe of what works or not, it’s rather something we see and feel. Maybe we are not judging the material, but just feeling if it brings a sensation or not. Follow your intuition, if it feels good watching, if it communicates something to you, then it works. It can be frustrating, sometimes the same movement filmed from a different angle can appear completely different. At the same time the editing can bring a lot of new possibilities, of putting movements and elements together, which wouldn’t be possible on stage. Have fun!

Lina Georgieva
Lina Georgieva
3 years ago

Silja,first of all I really love that video and the sensuosness really worked out for me..I think the colors were very intimate, also that there is a shadow sometimes…the light that is laminated from the curtain anyway creates this atmosphere of being private..The gestures and movements that you did, with the hands and your head ,that have naturally this delicacy ,also with the hair ( that also has something erotic ,ok maybe its very obvious but still ..)really made it very soft and nice to watch!