Hesitation Waltz – Status Quo

Nach all diesen zögerlichen Zeiten unter Corona möchten wir ein kleines schriftliches Gespräch über die Vergangenheit und die Gegenwart unseres künstlerischen Prozesses teilen. Wir haben gelernt, Schreiben hilft, wenn man zögert.

After all this hesitant times under corona we would like to share a little written conversation about the past and the present of our artistic process. We figured writing helps when you hesitate.


Hesitation Waltz – Status Quo English


Hesitation Waltz – Status Quo German

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Lauren Fitzgerald
3 years ago

“Is it then work that we record when we go into the studio?
Are we systemically relevant or would it border on ignorance and hedonism? Would we disregard our obligations as citizens?”

These are questions I relate to very strongly. The push and pull between being essential to society vs doing things that feel worthwhile to me (not only in corona times). It seems that for you the situation brings even more into focus doubts that are typically in the background. Interestingly, when I compare my experience to yours, I’ve actually felt much less hesitation during this time than usual, probably because it is a solo practice for me, whereas you two are working very collaboratively and in studio spaces.

“My father still sends me the Handelsblatt in the hope that the choice of a possible master’s program will be a little more clever. He often still thinks that I am pursuing a hobby and have lost touch with reality. At some point I would have to earn money regularly, because how else would I get my pension.”

I know this!!!

3 years ago

Wow! Danke für diesen tieferen Einblick in eure Gedanken und Zweifel über die letzten Wochen! Es ist wirklich spannend zu sehen, wie sich eurer Thema – das Zweifeln als produktive Kraft – von einem künstlerischen Abstraktum in eine Alltagsbewältigungsstrategie verwandelt.
Danke auch für eure Mühe, den Text auf Deutsch und auf Englisch bereitzustellen!
Liebe Grüße,