Sound Research

Today Bettina gave us some costumes for a research on texture and sound. She sowed tops on which she attached different textures that could be used to produce sound. Nikola came up with a device to capture that sound. Initial idea was to use contact microphones to capture sound of movement, textures, touch.  In the video you can see and hear some of our outcome of today’s try out. Its best to use headphones to hear the sound a bit better. We learned a lot on how to make the microphones and textures work with movement and need to see how we can take this further.

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Diethild Meier
3 years ago

Interessantes Video! Irgendwie anachronistisch… Kontaktmikrosoundrecherche trifft auf mittelalterlichen Lautenspieler in einem Picasso-gemälde. 😀