A while ago we did an experiment with our sound designer Nikola. As we could not share the same space due to the Corona Pandemic we discussed different formats of still working together and decided to overcome our hesitation of trying a jam over a video transmission.

Within the form of a Skype Jam Session we investigated our ideas of sound and movement. This session we captured in three different perspectives: Screen recording, video recording of studio action, video recording of Nikola’s home sound studio. Due to the video transfer, converting and editing some of the sound got lost. For that reason editing the video became also a little experiment of matching sound and image and of what we hear in the different spaces.

For us it was an interesting experiment and experience of having some kind of ghost presence in the studio. Nevertheless this try out was also connected to a feeling of melancholia and frustration due to delayed and transformed transmission and the absence of Nikola in the space manifesting itself through a weird and challenging tech set up. We told ourselves: don’t judge before you have tried but as a result of the experience we would say you can not replace a live presence and personal connection via the internet. And maybe that is also a comforting thought?

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