Rhythm of Hesitation




Vielleicht kann man nur sagen “Die Stille war voller Geschrei.”- Aber niemals: “Das Geschrei war voller Stille”. 
(Hans Saner)


Maybe you can only say “The silence was full of screaming” – but never: “The screaming was full of silence”. 
(Hans Saner)

Together with Bettina and Nikola we researched on the rhythm of hesitation.

We were interested to work more intensively with the physical quality and dynamics of hesitation focusing in particular on the element of ‘pre-gesture’: What internal organisation of tension and weight organisation takes place in the body before a decision is made and what visual effect does this process have on the quality of the movement that results from this hesitation? How can this rhythm of hesitation be made tangible?

In this video you can see a try out with contact microphones touching different kind of fabrics in order to create a rhythm which emerges out of little weight shifts and specific movements. In the video you see us getting more familiar with how the structure can work for us experimenting with what movements create which kind of sound and improvising together with the notion of action and reaction creating specific rhythms in the sound and in the movement itself. It is still a rough draft that we expose here and the sound quality is quite poor on the video but still we thought its worth sharing this step in our process.




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Joya Geiger
3 years ago

Dear Simone and Julia,
It’s inspiring and exciting to witness your way of working and researching on this topic.
Through your posts, we can really feel the intimacy that exists between you , and it’s also amazing how music, movement and costume become one entity.

We thought about some questions and suggestions for the next steps:
What is your relationship in space?
How to transcribe these intimate and deep exchange of letter on stage?
Do you think of integrating text (written, read, declaimed) into the piece?

…..there is already so much and it’s a pity we could’nt see your piece on stage but we are glad to had the opportunity to witness your process.
Thanks for sharing your work and we are looking forward to seeing your work on stage !
Roxane and Joya