Simplicity in quarantine








Simplicity in quarantine.

“Next Monday we will reopen the stores in Belgium”.

Do they really think we are waiting to buy a new bag? To shop new shoes?

Quarantine is not making us miss materialistic things. I believe we much more miss simple things in life.

We are waiting to see our loved ones again, to give a hug, to hold a hand,… Being isolated reminds us of the importance of simple things. And the beauty of it.


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Diethild Meier
3 years ago

That’s a beautiful thought, Amy… Yesterday, I went into Karstadt at Hermannplatz for the first time in 6 weeks – and I found it was the most unbearable, most unnecessary place in the world! I imaginded all that stuff lying around there, locked up, not being touched by anyone, not being missed by anyone – a graveyard for stuff! I wonder how long (or short) it will take us to forget our materialistic reluctance and find places like Karstadt ‘normal’ again.

Silja Tuovinen
3 years ago

This poem is wonderful! Did you write it yourself?