With Podcats, we attempt to contextualize the A.PART-Festival 2020. Now, finally, you can listen to us while doing your dishes!!

For our first edition, we invited Alex Hennig for a conversation. Together we wander through questions around the blog, the event of theatre, and habits of watching in times of Corona.

We also play games.


PS: Because we are all native German speakers, it would be bizarre to have a conversation in English. I want to encourage all our colleagues and friends that feel insecure with the german language to give it a try. We are available for questions about translation. 🙂

Click down here:

PODCATS was edited and mastered by Lea Niemann.

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Julia Turbahn
3 years ago

Thanks for opening up! I can imagine more of those podcats! I did listen to it cleaning up my room 😉 I have this weird sensation I have been with you in the space as a silent listener maybe because I know you in person in contrast to other podcast speakers I never met. Anyway this made my morning and my room is clean.