Merle Gebauer & Tabea Antonacci

Merle Gebauer grew up in the south of Germany, where she fell in love with different movement styles and with performing on stage in dance and theatre. In 2017 she moved to Berlin to start her contemporary dance education at DANCEWORKS Berlin, where she graduated in 2020. Currently, she is studying at Berlin Dance Institute. Alongside her studies, she gained experiences as a dancer in various performances and also as a choreographer. In her work, she enjoys exploring the softness of the body and spine and drawing inspiration from stories and emotions, along with playing with the impact of music on her dancing.

Tabea Antonacci is a dancer currently based in Berlin. After graduating, a year of traveling, and a bachelor of sports science, she finally accepted her desire to dance full-time. In 2019 she moved to Palamós, Spain, and started her dance education at Cobosmika. In October 2020, she moved to Berlin, where she is now a student at Tanzfabrik’s Dance Intensive Program. Her first piece, Aber man kann., was created with Marie Hufnagel in 2017. Tabi loves bodies, their uniqueness, and different structures. She loves to move, being moved, and to move others. That’s why she is now interested in working on topics that connect people, raise questions and thoughts, or transport emotions.

beauty or suffocation?

Questions I recently asked myself

Are all fears connected to the desire to be loved?




How does a fearless week look like?





What is the difference between fear and insecurity?




with Julie Peters

Music: We move lightly - Dustin O'Halloran

do you know?

some things happen behind closed doors

hidden from everyone else to see

covert by a beautiful facade

and yet you blame

the forgotten one

the scared one

the lost one

who has no power

nor strength

you point your finger

you laugh

you close the door

What comes to your mind, when you think of fear?

What is your biggest fear?

How does fear feel in your body?


Daily Soap


Wenn Sie schimmernd durch die Lüfte fliegen und mit ihrem Glanz die Umgebung verzaubern 


Gefüllt mit Fantasien und Träumen 

Mit lautem Gelächter und stillen Tränen

So fühl ich mich

Vom Wind getrieben 

Durch die Luft getragen 

So voll und leer zugleich

Ausgelaugt und tief erfüllt

Energetisch, müde

Angst vor Überforderung 

Wo steht mein Kopf

Wo fangen meine Gedanken an





Eine neue Seifenblase zieht vorbei

Schimmernd bricht sich das Licht auf ihrer Oberfläche 

Und ich lasse mich mit ihr treiben

let me go
let me fall
I am not scared of crashing
but scared of standing still
let me go
let me disappear
you don´t own me anymore
I am no longer your prisoner

(BODY) Parts

Charlie Chaplin oder Tatort?