The sun is slowly going down.
Sometimes I feel totally knocked out, totally empty and drained.
I can take space, I can feel these feelings!
My happy place, where I can go, when I’m not sure. Where good vibes are, which gives me freedom.
Wow, so much happened in a month.
So much vibration in my chest, so much energy & charge. But everything is very nice. So much intimacy.
The sun is shining, I’ll have to go outside soon.
OMGGGG! I’m doing so well right now! I am fulfilled and inspired.
Ok, I have to keep this feeling.
If you want to breathe in the whole world, you have to breathe out every now and then.
The sky is gray, but I’m in bed with my cleansing candle lit.
So many different worlds. And I just didn’t have enough time for everything. The hours are too few for a day. I just have to learn to perceive, accept and implement my needs. But I always want to do everything and all at once.
There is this very deep feeling in me. That scares me a lot.
The emotional state is really exciting!
Everyone had to touch and rediscover each other.
I can’t decide on a topic.
It’s already the beginning of February, time goes by so quickly! But as I learned, everything is a process. There is no such thing as arriving, so you have to make your way beautiful.
It’s really fun and I can feel the fire coming up inside of me.
I’m in a really good mood and everything was so funny and beautiful.
Somehow I’m totally sick right now.
And then there was techno.
Then tears came to me right away. I don’t know from where exactly.
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