Iris Rosa Gravemaker & Milica Tančić

Iris Rosa Gravemaker completed her bachelor in Psychology in the winter of 2016. During the last year of her studies she was searching for ways to get from an intellectual and analytic way of thinking, into a more experiential and embodied way of approaching the world. This is how she discovered dance improvisation, and instantly fell in love. She completed her Dance Improvisation Teacher Education in the spring of 2019, while already teaching dance improvisation. Searching and yearning for more dance and diving deeper into the physical experience, she applied to Tanzfabrik in the winter of 2020 and was accepted into the program. Now living in Berlin, she is working on her dance and movement on a daily basis. After the program she wants to continue working as an movement artist and collaborating in integrative and inclusive projects: spreading the joy of dance and movement!

Milica Tančić is a contemporary dancer with a great love for photography, video making, writing, and finding ways to intertwine them all. She escaped the tight grip of ballet and Serbia a couple of years ago to pursue new ways to express herself through the art of movement. Her journey landed her first in Budapest and now here, in Berlin. Despite the regular breakdowns, she has managed to ponder and reimagine her relation to art and her art’s relation to others, as well as her own ways of relating to others. This past year she has gathered and explored various questions and ideas that she is excited to use as a tool for sparking dialogue and artistic exchange.

identity crisis

these numbers mean nothing until you find out that it’s the digital version of my face

where am i in this mess

am i supposed to embrace this as a part of myself

Nose Pressure

i created a monster

it started off innocently

i swear


my worries are all nicely packed

number 1:

what if my father became an octopus and my brother  secretly wears a fabulous dress?

number 2:

is my friend exercising regularly at home? what if she is secretly jumping overly extended grand jetés while talking to me?

number 3:

what if my grandma became only legs with some weird purple greek guys running over them?

number 4:

what if when my friend’s screen is glitching he is actually being eaten by a huge colony of amoeba?

about my first stage

my first stage was somewhere between my living room, a scene from ‘Prince of Egypt’ and a full theater, fully realized only in my head and movement

i could only describe it as an extensive production of imagination, with characters constructed and intertwined by the logic of unconstricted creativity of a child

scenes vary from a gentle dance among the reed driven by something lost in the stream to a duet with a ninja turtle with Brahms’ melody accompanies the scenery

i long to feel like that now. absolute freedom of creation without boundaries of space and time and reason.

i invite you to play this while you fabricate the memory

Snaily days

With closed eyes I start.
I focus on the sensation of my movements.
They feel thick and slow today.
With every movement I leave a heavy almost slimy trance in the space.

They seem to be reaching.
Wanting to pull myself further into space.
Wanting to keep myself going.
While walking back I see the traces I left behind.

To start again.
This time, taking it higher up, it starts to feel lighter, more like a summer breeze.
Carried by this breeze I can connect to the space.
Adding to it whatever it needs.
I feel myself opening.

Then I close again.
Today is not the day. Today is snail day.

Running into sensing

Eternal floating.
It captures my attention.
Keeps pulling me back.
It hypnotizes me.

Is there a difference between water and air?
I imagine myself floating in water.
I imagine myself floating in air.
I imagine water and air floating in me.

Dehumanizing into an unknown bodylandscape

Improvisation 13th of March 2021