I am here at the sea seai I would like to eat coconut icecream even though the birds are blue every day it is a new logic something of its own arabesque etymological sensation arrive the land draft efty grudge into one two three I don’t really like this exercice I feel it is difficult for me my dyslexia shows through and my brain gets stuck I cannot write without stopping and still MAKE SENSE I end up just writing random words on the keyboard like just letters just hitting the keys not actually fully forming words I wonder how that is anyhow the point is that it is difficult for me I feel my fingers are going faster than my brain can maybe that’s why it only becomes random letters I have to continue writing without stopping I am trying it why not but also who said it has to be fast continuous writing if I write slower and let the words form themselves one at a time will that make a difference yes I feel there is something more harmonized when I go a bit slower it’s also this thing where I somehow need to unfold some kind of meaning that’s actually expressed in the way I intuite poems, I write them quite slow. I have to keep at it ti a uou ah you see now it became ccollapsed and I felt like I wanted to edit n on ono no we h onl only move forth fg wow my brain is bugging again interesting this is somehow great to realize and to fully admit to myself at ala last that I cannot really write fast th athgath that my brain wordks works slower than that and that di s see I am done I am tired this is too challenging right now I stop



image description: a screenshot of Camille at the weekly A.PART team meeting.

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