Asya Ashman & Konstantin Koryagin | Krepost

May 13 & 14, 2022, 7PM
We are in the Krepost (Fortress) of liminal states with a tempting portal in the middle. Everyone wants to be a zombie, but can’t quite become one. Imperial totems are all around. Only desperation and scientifically unproven funny little soviet devices can bring one back to life from eternal sleep. Your next step __
We stand against the war in Ukraine and Russian imperialism.
Sound by Ada Laub
Set Design by Jasmine Parsley

Asya Ashman is a dance artist and performer as well as a facilitator and creator of educational programs for young people. She studied fine arts at BHSAD Moscow, and later focused on performance and dance. She has participated in several intensive courses – Sota@Garage, SNDO – and was a recipient of the DanceWeb scholarship 2019. She has been part of several collectives, and was curator and organizer of regular sharings, feedback sessions, and collective improvisations in Moscow. Since 2015, she has been creating her own artistic work, presenting it in various spaces (museums, theaters, parks, apartments) and working for other choreographers and artists. In her works, she explores artistic strategies to interact with personal and social issues, and question them through dance and spoken word, using humor, pop culture, magic, and collaboration. She is currently completing her bachelor’s degree at HZT Berlin.
Asya Ashman participated in the 2021 edition of A.PART Festival in dialogue with Milena Sundari Nowak. Click here to check out their previous contributions.

Konstantin Koryagin is an independent researcher, video editor, and filmmaker. MA in philosophy, BA in political science. Since 2018, he is an editor of – community-run media on philosophy, society, and contemporary art. In 2021, he graduated from the Moscow School of New Cinema, film editing department. Since then, he has been creating videos at the intersection of documentary and fiction, exploring the boundaries of the digital image, and the surreality of everyday life. Currently based in Berlin.

Asya Ashman & Konstantin Koryagin | A.PART Festival 2022